AniFem Fundraiser Update: January 2020

By: Anime Feminist January 31, 20200 Comments
Team Rocket, wearing hard hats and construction uniforms, pose with jackhammers and wheelbarrows, looking accomplished.

A new year, a new season of premiere reviews, and a new website? Look at us multitasking out here.

Perks Progress

Everything is packed up and ready to ship, and a few of you may even be holding your perks in your hands as you read this! For folks in the U.S., keep an eye out for your perks in the next couple weeks. For those outside of the U.S., er… it may be a while longer than that, but we’ll have them on their way to you soon.

Site Redesign

You’re reading this update on our shiny new website, and we really hope you like it! If you haven’t seen it already, please check out our launch post for a few FAQs and some pending clean-up work.

We’re just about ready to turn the final page on this volume of the fundraiser goals, but we do still have the review database to complete. We’re aiming to make it a Valentine’s Day gift, but we know that’s an ambitious goal. We’ll be sure to hit you with another site update when it happens—definitely sometime this month!

Podcast Transcripts

We slowed down a little this month due to our focus on premiere reviews, but we still kept to our weekly schedule:

As always, please remember to check our Twitter (@AnimeFeminist) for updates on new transcripts.

Stay tuned for a little longer, AniFam, and we’ll all be popping bottles by the end of February!

We Need Your Help!

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