The Great AniFem Makeover is Here!

By: Anime Feminist January 25, 20200 Comments
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The wait is over! We’ve officially launched the redesigned Anime Feminist, complete with a clean, accessible design, upgraded search and filter options, a revamped tagging system, and easier access to articles old and new.

Many, many thanks to our designer Katy Castillo and developer Chris Brailsford for their hard work, excellent eye for detail, and just generally being cool people; and another waterfall of thanks to all the Indiegogo backers who funded this project! You were all integral in making this long-overdue overhaul a reality, and we’re immensely grateful to each and every one of you.

Of course, no redecoration effort is complete without a few FAQs, so…

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Pardon Our Traffic Cones

You may notice formatting inconsistencies in some of our posts over the next few weeks. For example, the older reviews say [Review] in the header, but the new ones do not. This is because the site redesign called for some formatting changes—and they were the kind we had to do manually.

While our managing editor has been hard at work chipping away at old posts to get them tidied up for the redesign launch, she is but one mortal with a day job and tendonitis. Additionally, there were some changes (such as the Podcast posts) that we flat-out couldn’t complete until the redesign went live. So we’ll need a little extra time to get all the formatting to match and look pretty.

We didn’t want to leave our readers hanging, so we opted to keep the site up and running rather than close shop during the housecleaning period. We ask for your understanding over the next month as we hammer out these inconsistencies, and assure you that it’ll be neat and tidy before you know it.

Review Database Around the Bend

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our stretch goal of having a searchable review database! Design and development is complete; we just need to do some manual backend work to ensure the reviews display with the right filters and tags.

It made more sense to roll out the website first and then the review database at a later date, so that’s our plan. The database is set for a tentative late-February release, but we’ll have more details in our January fundraiser update.

The Case of the Missing News

You may have noticed that our homepage is lacking a News section. The vast majority of our news stories came directly from Anime Herald and, since they closed their News desk in 2020, we no longer have a regular news source. We currently have no plans to affiliate with another site, so we went ahead and removed the News section from our homepage.

You can still view previously published Herald stories from the Anime Herald author page. When AniFem breaks their own news stories (as we’ve done on occasion), they will appear with the Featured articles at the top of the homepage.

[Insert Your Question Here]

If there’s anything you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy exploring the new site, AniFam!

We Need Your Help!

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