AniFem Fundraiser Update: February 2020

By: Anime Feminist March 4, 20200 Comments
Team Rocket in jumpsuits at the bottom of a snowy hill. Jessie and Meowth hit the ground hard and look frazzled; James landed on his feet and looks confident.

We have good news and delayed news.

Site Redesign

We rolled out the review database a couple weeks ago, meaning that the site redesign is 100% complete! You can check out our special launch post for additional details or jump straight into the database to start browsing our archives.

Perks Progress

Is anyone surprised to discover that the perks are where that dreaded “delayed news” is lurking?

Managing Editor Dee, here. I want to step out from behind the collective “we” for a second to apologize personally for how long the perks are taking. This is AniFem’s first time working with physical items (as opposed to online/digital ones) and it’s led to a number of unexpected challenges. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say there have been hurdles throughout the process, including packing, shipping, and order amounts. 

The team has cleared several of those hurdles and are working hard to clear the rest, but each one slows us down a little more, leading to longer delays. As the fundraiser coordinator these past nine months, that’s entirely on me for not planning ahead better and anticipating these challenges, and I’m sincerely sorry for that.

The good news is that we have made progress, even if it’s not at the pace we’d projected:

If you’re in the U.S., then almost everyone’s perks have been shipped and are on their way. I say “almost” because, due to our printer not sending us the correct number of T-shirts (like I said: hurdles), there are a handful of people whose shirts we’re still waiting to receive. That said, unless you hear from us personally in the next few days, you can expect your perks soon.

If you’re outside the U.S., we’re having to jump through a few hoops to get your packages to you and are still in the process of coordinating shipments. I’d like to tell you that you’ll have them in the next month, but given how the past couple updates have gone, it’s probably safer to offer a conservative estimate this time and say “within the next three months.”

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing, amazing patience and understanding. We’ll do our part to work hard to get everything shipped, and we’ll continue to provide these monthly fundraiser updates until we do.

Podcast Transcripts

We made our best progress to date, tearing through the Fushigi Yugi TV series in the process:

Remember that you can always check our Twitter (@AnimeFeminist) for updates on new transcripts!

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