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Arisugawa from Anime-Gataris and her butler, holding an enormous stack of blurays

Here at AniFem, we often receive requests from readers asking for anime recommendations. While we’ve provided seasonal and yearly recommendations since the site’s launch, as well as 2010s decade recommendations (Part 1 and Part 2), that still only scratches the surface of what’s out there. So, we’ve compiled our top recs into permanent pages!

We’ve split them into three categories:

  • General: Feminist-friendly anime of all shapes and sizes. We’ll likely expand this list to include more “harmless fun”-type titles in the future, but right now we’re focusing on anime that specifically engage with intersectional feminist-relevant topics and concerns, such as gender norms or racial politics.
  • Queer Representation: Series that center around positive and/or grounded representation of LGBTQ+ characters and issues.
  • Family-Friendly: Feminist-friendly anime you can watch with younger audiences (13 and under).

We’d love to divide the lists into more categories in the future, but this is our starting point based on what readers have most frequently requested.

At launch, we included 10 titles on each list, including one film per category. We plan to add more as we go. To avoid redundant recommendations, there is currently no overlap between lists. (Otherwise Sailor Moon would’ve had a hat trick!) We encourage you to check out all three. You might find a treasure where you least expect it!

Chitose from "Girlish Number" puts a hand to her chin thoughtfully and thinks "She's pretty knowledgeable. Is she like an anime professor?"

Needless to say, these recommendation lists are by no means complete or perfect. Just because a series isn’t listed (yet) doesn’t mean we don’t recommend it; likewise, just because we do recommend something doesn’t guarantee every reader will enjoy it.

While we’ve done our best to alert folks to content warnings and considerations, everyone has different tastes. A mild annoyance for one person could be a deal-breaker for another. And that’s okay!

AniFem has never been interested in rubber-stamping titles as “Feminist” or “Not Feminist.” Fiction is complex, and discussions about it should be, too. These lists are simply intended to be jumping-off points for feminist-minded readers looking for new series.

We hope we can help you find some new titles to love! Happy viewing, AniFam!

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