While many people contribute to Anime Feminist behind the scenes, a core team holds responsibility for its day-to-day workings.


Amelia Cook is the editor-in-chief of Anime Feminist. She bought the domain name, contacted over 20 potential team members (many of whom were complete strangers whose work she admired), introduced her vision, and set up the website to launch. Since then, she’s written articles and reviews, hosted podcasts, and spearheaded fundraising efforts.

Amelia has a degree in Japanese Studies and is a published writer on Japanese film, television, and comics in books, magazines and online publications. Outside AniFem, she is a novice programmer and marketing enthusiast who gives talks predominantly in the London tech community. You can find her on Twitter @ActuallyAmelia.

Managing Editor

Dee manages AniFem’s output from pitch to publication, keeping us to a regular schedule publishing consistent, quality content. When she isn’t vanquishing passive sentences and rescuing Oxford commas, she spends her free time devouring novels and comics, watching far too much anime, and cheering very loudly for the Kansas Jayhawks. You can read more of her work at The Josei Next Door or hang out with her on Twitter @joseinextdoor.

Editors and Moderators

Each member of the core team has specific responsibilities on top of the regular work writing, editing contributor pieces, and participating in podcasts, along with the ongoing, ad hoc work to further AniFem’s mission.

Caitlin Moore takes on comment moderation and seasonal premiere reviews. A Seattle-based preschool teacher, Caitlin is an amateur critic with an academic background in linguistics and Japanese language and culture. She runs the blog I Have a Heroine Problem and can be reached on Twitter @alltsun_nodere.

Chiaki Hirai is a newspaper reporter and freelance translator working out of San Francisco who also writes seasonal reviews here at AniFem. Her personal accomplishments include: writing an undergraduate thesis on Touhou Project, getting blacklisted by TokyoPop, and interviewing the creator of Sudoku. In her free time she screams about her kinks and urban development on Twitter @Chiaki747.

Lauren Orsini is a Gundam pilot and experienced journalist, ensuring our news pieces are written with watertight integrity. Lauren writes about geek culture at Forbes, geek careers at Otaku Journalist, and reviews at Anime News Network. She lives in an apartment full of Gunpla in Washington, DC and can be found on Twitter at @laureninspace.

Peter Fobian edits our biweekly podcast. Peter has been an anime fan for 20 years and a professional writer working in anime, video games, and esports for most of a decade. You can follow him on Twitter @peterfobian.

Vrai Kaiser is a queer author and pop culture blogger who handles our weekly columns and social media accounts. They’ve fully embraced their lifetime role as a lover of trash. You can read more essays and find out about their fiction at Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories, listen to them podcasting with Trash & Treasures, support their work via Patreon or PayPal, or remind them of the existence of Tweets.