Comments Policy

AniFem welcomes healthy discussion, debate, and general excited flailing about your fav shows and characters.

Keyword: Healthy.

You’ve been on the interwebs long enough that you probably don’t need us to tell you this, but please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:

  • Treat the staff, writer, and other commenters with respect. This means no slurs or hate speech, doxxing, threats, or personal attacks. Debates are great, but debate about the topic, not about which of you has the stupidest haircut.
  • If a member of a dominant group talks down to, over, or at a marginalized person talking about their own experiences, we will moderate in such a way as to support the marginalized commenter. Everyone says the wrong thing by accident sometimes, but our priority must be to make this a safe space for marginalized people and their allies to talk to each other.
  • Don’t link to or endorse illegal content like torrents or scanlations. We like the folks who make these weird and wonderful cartoons and comics and want to support them, so please do the same.
  • No spamming, including endless links to your own work. It’s fine to link to a piece you’ve written as part of your comment to support your point, but if you’re just looking to self-promote you’re gonna have to make bad jokes on Twitter like the rest of us.
  • Be courteous to other readers and mark any spoilers clearly.
  • Above all, come here in good faith. The name of the site is Anime Feminist; we wouldn’t print comments by people who come here just to talk about how bad anime is, and the same goes for feminism. You don’t need to identify as a feminist to comment here, or even as an anime fan, just be sympathetic to and supportive of both those positions.

These are some simple rules of basic human decency, so it should be super easy for you to follow them!

With that in mind, we reserve the right to delete the comments of anyone who does not manage to follow them, ban anyone who doesn’t even attempt to, and shut down any comments section entirely should moderating it become too time-consuming or difficult.

It is particularly important to us that marginalized readers feel welcome and comfortable in these comments sections. If you feel unwelcome or uncomfortable here for any reason, please contact us with as many specifics as you can and give us the chance to improve this space for you.

AniFem aims to build a community where people can engage with each other without feeling harassed or unsafe, and your kindness and consideration will go a long way towards making that happen.