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By: Anime Feminist February 16, 20200 Comments
The Team Rocket trio, wearing Rocket grunt costumes, are in a room with a large control panel. James and Meowht happily hammer away at the controls while Jessie looks on confidently.

We’d hoped to have the review database complete by mid-February, and thanks to hard work and copious cups of coffee, we’ve done exactly that!

The review database contains every review Anime Feminist has published since its founding in Fall 2016. This includes our many anime reviews, from single-series premieres to compilation three-episode check-ins and seasonal/yearly write-ups, along with a few film and book reviews we’ve posted over the years as well.

As always, we hope to one day expand our review category to include older anime series, manga, films, and more—but we can’t do that until we have the funding to pay our reviewers fairly for their work, so it remains a dream for now. Someday, though!

You can access the database from the main menu by clicking Reviews, then browse alphabetically or use the the keyword, year, and type filters to narrow your selection.

As always, let us know in the comments if you have any questions or come across any glitches in the matrix. Happy review-hunting, AniFam, and we hope the database helps you find a fun new series to check out!

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