AniFem Fundraiser Update: September 2019

By: Anime Feminist October 2, 20190 Comments
Jessie from Team Rocket and her Wobbuffet are wearing maid uniforms. They clench their fists in determination, flames rising behind them.

We spent the past month locked in to fundraiser tasks and made significant progress across all fronts. Onwards to the updates!

September Accomplishments

Perk Fulfillment

We’re hard at work drafting the final art designs, compiling the zine, and locking down our vendors. Everything’s still in-progress right now, so there’s nothing we can share with you just yet. Sit tight, AniFam, and we hope to have some goodies to show off at the end of next month!

Site Redesign

Our design team has finalized the homepage and moved on to the individual articles and standalone pages. They’re in the draft phase and coming along nicely.

Because y’all have been so patient and kind, we wanted to reward you with a little peek at the top half of the homepage. We still need to finalize specifics like text, links, and logos, but this gives you a real good idea of what AniFem is going to look like in a few months:

It’s like we’re a real website or something!

Podcast Transcripts

We’ve officially brought on additional transcribers, which allowed us to double our output this month:

We’re still finalizing the release schedule so we don’t want to set anything in stone just yet, but at least one transcript per week is looking pretty likely going forward. Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates on when new transcripts drop!

Completion Schedule Adjustments

While the team is excited with what we’ve accomplished these past few months, delays from Indiegogo threw us off schedule and it looks like we won’t make the dates we set back in June. The delays are fairly minor (a month or less), but we wanted to keep everyone posted:

  • Perk Fulfillment: Late November, 2019
  • Site Redesign: Mid-December, 2019

Thanks as always for your support and understanding, and let us know what you think of the homepage redesign in the comments!

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