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By: Anime Feminist November 7, 20200 Comments
Team Rocket, wearing masks, peek over a bush

Hey there, AniFam! Dee here, with a quick update for everyone on this sunny Saturday (well, sunny where I am, anyway): Like we did last September (2019), we’re taking the next four weeks off from publishing new contributor pieces and will be posting “reruns” of older articles instead.

This means you won’t see any new features on Wednesdays and Fridays until early December, though we will be highlighting some classic AniFem articles in their places. And we’ll continue to publish new Talks, Links, Podcasts, and Transcripts, so be sure to check back for those!

The reasons for this break are both financial and personal. On the financial side, we’re still struggling to hit our Patreon goals and are worried about end-of-year expenses and upcoming taxes. So, we’re going to use this month’s revenue as a buffer to ensure we can keep the lights on for another year.

And on the personal side… y’all, 2020 has been A Lot. Our little team is working hard here in addition to their day-job(s), and we’re all feeling the exhaustion that comes with clocking all those hours on top of the emotional and practical worries of the last year.

The well-being of our staff continues to be a top priority for us, so we decided to take this time to recharge before end-of-year recommendations and retrospectives take over everyone’s lives. Again, we’ll be back in early December, hopefully fully refreshed and with more great articles for y’all.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, and as always, let us know about any questions or concerns in the comments!

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