AniFem Fundraiser Update: November 2019

By: Anime Feminist December 4, 20190 Comments
James from Team Rocket operates a sewing machine as he smiles at Meowth, who is spreading cloth out on a table

We’re nearing the finish line and 2019 is looking to end with an accomplished bang! Keep reading for way too many exclamation marks as we get excited about Indiegogo goals a year in the making.

Perks Progress

The art is complete! The printer is printing! The zine has been delivered! Holiday shipping rushes may create some delays, but we’re hopeful you’ll be holding the rest of the perks in your hands by the end of the month. Get hype, AniFam, your patience will be rewarded before you know it!

Site Redesign

We’re deep in the development phase and on track for a December completion. As the month progresses, we’ll keep you posted on the exact unveiling date (and any minor downtime that may occur as a result), so keep an eye on the site for breaking news!

Podcast Transcripts

We kept to our weekly release schedule and published another batch of transcripts (albeit not entirely in chronological order):

We actually have a bit of a backlog of completed transcripts at the moment, so we may be able to release more going forward. As always, you can follow us on Twitter (@AnimeFeminist) for updates on when new transcripts go out!

We Need Your Help!

We’re dedicated to paying our contributors and staff members fairly for their work—but we can’t do it alone.

You can become a patron for as little as $1 a month, and every single penny goes to the people and services that keep Anime Feminist running. Please help us pay more people to make great content!

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