AniFem Fundraiser Update: December 2019

By: Anime Feminist January 2, 20200 Comments
James, wearing a Santa suit, is caught in a net

Should auld target dates be forgot and never brought to mind

End-of-year engagements put a slight delay on our perk delivery goals. ‘Tis the season, after all. That said, we’ve still made progress in all major areas, some of it quite significant. Read on for the full story, including adjusted delivery dates.

Perks Progress

All the perks have been printed and delivered! …to us, anyway. While we were hoping the items would get to us around mid-December, holiday shipping delays meant we received them right before Christmas—at the exact moment everybody went on break and out of town. Never fails, huh?

So, while we have the perks, we haven’t been able to package all the items together and send them out to everyone yet. Times will vary depending on your location, but start looking for deliveries in late January!

Site Redesign

Development of the new site is complete, right on schedule! We’ll have to wait to pop that champagne, though, because we still need to test it, customize a few parts, and smooth out any rough patches before we unveil it to the world.

Winter premiere reviews will take precedence in early January, but we’re optimistic we can launch the new design sometime this month, with the Review Database getting rolled out in February. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an official unveiling date.

Podcast Transcripts

We’re on a roll and tearing through the transcripts this month!

It’s looking likely we can keep this pace going into the new year as well. As always, you can follow us on Twitter (@AnimeFeminist) for updates on new transcripts.

Thanks once again for your patience, and rest assured we’re mere feet from that finish line! So just sit back, enjoy premiere season, and keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks!

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