AniFem Fundraiser Update: July 2019

By: Anime Feminist August 2, 20190 Comments
Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet cluster together, studying a booklet with a red "R" on the back

Premiere reviews swallowed us whole for a couple weeks (as they do), but thankfully our contractors were hard at work to help us make some progress towards our fundraiser goals. Here’s what we’ve accomplished this month.

Perks Art Designs

Teri, our artist for the fundraiser perks, has drafted the full set of character designs we’ll be using in the artwork! As a reminder, the central concept was “diversified anime archetypes” (and “one cute animal mascot,” naturally).

Please note these are not 100% final. Teri is making some minor changes based on the excellent critiques we’ve received, and we’re still seeking feedback over the next week from members of the communities represented (especially wheelchair users and people of color). If you have any questions or concerns about the designs, please let us know in the comments or contact us privately.

That said… we’re really excited about these, and we hope you like them, too!

A lineup of anime-style characters: a fox holding a rose, a Black magical girl, a princely hijabi woman in a  wheelchair holding a rapier, a nonbinary mecha pilot, a brown-skinned Frankenstein person, a fat idol, and an older historically accurate female ninja

Site Color Palette

Finalizing the actual site design will require some time, but we’ve taken a small step by settling on a color scheme. Our designer started with the current green-and-white design, expanded into complementary colors, gave us five palette options, and then let us debate which one we wanted to use.

This mostly involved our managing editor saying “please don’t make me look at a purple website every day” several times until the rest of the team agreed to go with cooler colors instead. (You’re welcome to ask Dee why she dislikes purple so much, but please note that the answer involves college basketball rivalries and is, in her own words, “honestly really stupid.”)

Podcast Transcripts

They weren’t released on a biweekly schedule thanks to those pesky premiere reviews, but we did manage to get two transcripts out this month, as promised:

We’ll continue with a biweekly schedule at least into August, and then hopefully increase our output from there.

Thanks as always for your support, AniFam, and we’ll touch base again next month!

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