[Podcast] Chatty AF 27: Fushigi Yugi watchalong – Episodes 8-14

Part 2 of the multi-part Fushigi Yugi watchalong with Dee, Vrai, and Caitlin! The series hits its stride as an engaging fantasy adventure and tackles some difficult topics, with… mixed results. Miaka flies solo. Hotohori sucks at his job. Chichiri is an effing adult.

CONTENT WARNING: Fushigi Yugi contains depictions of sexual assault, homophobia, and transphobia. The podcast will also discuss these topics when they arise.


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:23 Impressions
0;04:08 Romance
0:09:47 Misunderstandings
0:12:27 Plot devices
0:14:51 Yui
0:19:20 Depiction of sexual assault
0:24:50 Homophobia
0:29:29 Changes in the dub
0:31:27 Scary bisexuals
0:36:15 International politics
0:42:55 Everyone are jerks
0:48:00 Keisuke
0:50:07 More Nuriko
0:52:51 Fan interpretations
0:55:38 Trash bandits
0:59:45 Miaka without Tamahome
1:03:23 Outro


Recorded Saturday 10th July 2017

Music: Open Those Bright Eyes by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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