Resources and Fundraisers: April 2021

By: Anime Feminist April 19, 20210 Comments
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This post does not currently include a fundraiser post for the surviving family of Adam Toledo, as we do not yet have an official confirmed source. However, resources are available for those in Chicago currently mobilizing to protest his murder. The Chicago Bail Fund has requested that donations go to smaller organizations at this time.

THREAD: An informative thread on the basics of Ramadan, which is being observed from April 12th to May 12th this year.

TWEET: Link to recordings and transcripts from the recent summit, “Sex Workers Organizing Against Barriers.”

THREAD: Suggestions of five books for beginners looking to study up on leftist theory.

TWEET: Link to a support fund that sends packages and support materials to incarcerated individuals.

TWEET: List of community organizations in need of funding as alternatives to policing.

THREAD: Official GoFundMe for the parents of police shooting victim Daunte Wright.

THREAD: Petition seeking to drop the charges still standing against BLM protesters arrested last summer.

TWEET: Information for protesters in need of legal aid in North Carolina

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