Trans Children in Texas and Ukrainian Resources

By: Anime Feminist February 28, 20220 Comments
The flag of Ukraine flapping in the wind

Resources to Support Trans Children and their Families in Texas

On February 23rd, Governor George Abbott of Texas signed an order that all families seeking gender-affirming care for their trans children will be investigated for abuse.

Transgender Education Network of Texas

Furthering gender diverse equality in Texas through education and networking in both public and private forums.

Montrose Grace Place

A community center for homeless, gender-diverse youth.

Resources for Trans Youth in Texas

How to Support Transgender Youth in Your Life (Family Equality)

A guide for adults who need assistance understanding the needs of the trans children in their life.

Resources for Assisting Ukraine’s Resistance Against Russia

Due to the developing situation and the amount of misinformation flying around social media, there are relatively few verifiable resources on aiding Ukraine and its citizens against Russia’s invasion. Here’s a couple, just to get started.

Supporting the Jewish Ukrainian community (Mishpacha Chabad Odessa)

Supporting orphaned Jewish refugees, who may have a hard time finding a place due to their faith.

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