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With the news that Roe v Wade is in imminent danger of being overturned, we’ve put together an updated resource list as a companion to our resource post from last December (which includes several still-relevant resources to care networks and educational resources).

Center for Reproductive Rights

Donations, educational resources, and tips on what you can do to help from the nonprofit center of lawyers and advocates. Notably, this site includes a global focus in addition to current US-specific issues.

Planned Parenthood

Landing page from the century-old nonprofit with petitions and help finding protests and rallies in your area.

Kansas for Constitutional Freedom

A site protesting upcoming anti-abortion legislation in Kansas, a state which is crucial as one of the few in the Midwest that currently has legal options for abortion.  

TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights

Tabletop RPG bundle donating all proceeds to Planned Parenthood and the National Network of Abortion Funds.

TWEET: Link to educational resources on reproductive rights; includes greater reading on Black feminism and disability rights, both key issues to the current conversation.

THREAD: Kits and resources for issues including pill access (please be aware that Plan B/the “morning after” pill does not work if you’re above a certain weight, though studies haven’t pinned down an exact number) and self-care for pregnant people with substance abuse issues.

TWEET: Safety advice for keeping sensitive information from being easily accessed on an unprotected phone – here intended for abortion but applicable in a number of cases including abusive homes and sex work.

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