Chatty AF 81: The Vision of Escaflowne Rewatchalong – Episodes 14-20

By: Anime Feminist January 20, 20190 Comments

We’re back with Part 3 of Dee, Caitlin, and Vrai’s four-part rewatch of Shoji Kawamori’s Escaflowne! With dream ghosts, cat twins, and literal fanfic machines, it’s the show’s wildest stretch to date—and that is saying something.

Episode Information

Recorded: Sunday 2nd December 2018
Hosts: Dee, Caitlin, Vrai

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:42 You Will (Not) Remember
0:07:07 Twincest and portrayals of race
0:12:55 Folken kinda sucks
0:16:17 Allen’s dad really sucks
0:17:34 Millerna’s desire vs duty
0:20:58 Dryden > Allen
0:28:22 Van and PTSD
0:31:21 Escaflowne on Fox Kids
0:32:36 The power of positive thinking
0:42:12 Merle
0:43:20 Van, Dilandau, and toxic masculinity
0:49:24 Manga Dilandau
0:52:09 Van and Hitomi’s dreams
0:53:50 Allen’s father complex
0:58:04 Outro

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