Chatty AF 78: The Vision of Escaflowne Rewatchalong – Episodes 7-13

By: Anime Feminist December 9, 20180 Comments

Part 2 of Dee, Caitlin, and Vrai’s newbie-friendly rewatch of 90s mecha isekai, Escaflowne! The team debates whether Allen is a trashbag (and how much), the show’s views on romance and female friendship, and how the sub compares to the dub.

Episode Information

Recorded: Saturday 18th November 2018
Hosts: Dee, Caitlin, Vrai

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros
0:00:59 Quick recap
0:02:03 Impressions (and dub/sub stuff)
0:08:20 Hitomi
0:12:44 Romance
0:17:55 Gendered characteristics
0:20:44 Millerna
0:24:16 Women don’t be competin’
0:27:46 Allen
0:35:42 Fatherhood
0:37:25 Positive thinking
0:39:16 Power is scary
0:40:59 Identity
0:43:01 Fantasy racism
0:44:11 Folken
0:45:24 Dilandau
0:49:00 Directing
0:51:27 Final thoughts
0:53:21 Outro

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