Chatty AF 79: Team Q&A – 2018 Edition

By: Anime Feminist December 23, 20180 Comments

Our 2018 Q&A podcast, with members of the staff answering inquiries from readers and discussing our fundraising efforts!

Episode Information

Recorded: Wednesday 19th December 2018
Hosts: Amelia, Caitlin, Dee, Peter, and Vrai

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros

0:01:28 LumRanmaYasha: Chatty AF watchalong/retrospective of Pokemon when?

0:04:28 KuroWoof: Do you have different viewing habits for different shows? Are there shows you would watch after work with a drink in hand vs. watching carefully early in the day and taking notes?

0:08:55 Flarglepuf: Have there been any articles you’ve wanted to write for the site that haven’t worked out for whatever reason?

0:13:39 sakoku_otaku: Who, outside of AF regulars, do you seek out for insight / criticism / analysis of anime from a critical perspective? Are there academics you trust? Are there academics you don’t trust?

0:25:17 Doctor_Whodunit (Assad): The contributors and the AniFem staff write such brilliant and insightful pieces so I was wondering if you, as writers and editors, think an MA or MFA in Creative Writing is worth the time and money to pursue a career in anime writing (or any kind of nonfiction writing career)

0:35:57 Dennis_wglasses: In your opinion, what was the most underrated anime of the year?

0:38:54 sephyxer: what are some adult characters you liked, especially (but not limited to) those from anime with a main cast made mostly out of teens?

0:40:44 GreyLurker: A question to the Staff; What is that one Show you were never supposed to like? I don’t mean a problematic favorite, I mean something that just came out of nowhere and hooked you, when it really shouldn’t have. The “Oh I would never watch a show about

**something(Football, cardgames, Golf, whatever) ** ….but then I saw this and it blew me away.” show

0:43:25 Wonderweeb91 (Lauren): If you could give any one manga a quality adaptation, which would you choose?

0:48:41 blusocket: I’d love to hear about the process of / plans for producing ethically sourced merch. What does that look like? What were/are some challenges or surprises?

0:57:31 Outro

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