Chatty AF 82: The Vision of Escaflowne Rewatchalong – Episodes 21-26 [FINAL]

By: Anime Feminist February 3, 20190 Comments

The 4th and final part of Dee, Caitlin, and Vrai’s reach the end of Escaflowne! They talk about Dilandau’s trans-coding, how the coming-of-age shoujo isekai differs from modern wish-fulfillment isekai, and bid a final farewell to this big feels-fest of a series.

Episode Information

Recorded: Sunday 9th December 2018
Hosts: Dee, Caitlin, Vrai

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:04 A quick (long) recap
0:02:21 Time to talk about Dilandau
0:09:51 Conclusions?
0:11:34 Jajuka and more fantasy racism
0:16:58 Shoujo vs modern isekai
0:21:06 Hitomi
0:22:45 Protecting vs controlling
0:25:55 Fighting to end fighting
0:31:08 Folken
0:36:58 Newton’s Third Law of Emotions
0:39:17 Allen
0:43:57 Milerna
0:49:31 Ares
0:51:18 The ending
0:56:14 Impressions
1:00:21 Feminist recommendation?
1:04:52 Outro

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