AniFem Fundraiser Update: October 2019

By: Anime Feminist November 6, 20190 Comments
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Despite the sea of premiere reviews that overtook us like it does every three months, we’ve made good across-the-board progress on achieving all our fundraiser goals. Read on for detailed updates, a slight schedule adjustment, and a sneak peek at the art design!

October Accomplishments

Perks Progress

Our artist Teri has finalized the primary design for the merch and is working on the last bit of art: the chibi characters for the sticker sheets. We just couldn’t resist showing off this rad cast in action, so…

We’d watch this anime.

On the literary side of things, we’ve finished compiling the articles for the zine: a combination of golden oldies and never-before-seen pieces from the core AniFem staff. Now it’s just a matter of organizing and publishing the material.

There’s still a few steps and quality checks to go, and the actual process of shipping the items will take some time as well, but we’re getting real close, folks! Your goodies should be at your door before the year is out!

Site Redesign

We’re finalizing the last couple page designs and moving into the development phase! Everything is on track for a mid-December completion. Are we getting hype? We might be getting a little hype.

Podcast Transcripts

Our transcription team is finding their rhythm—we even beat our “one per week” goal this month:

Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates on when new transcripts drop!

Completion Schedule Adjustments

The shipping process is going to take longer than originally anticipated⁠⁠, so we’re adjusting our Perk Fulfillment dates to take that into consideration:

  • Perks Completed: Late-November 2019 (this is unchanged)
  • Perks Received: Mid-December 2019

Basically, we should have all the actual work done when we thought, but the items won’t actually get to you until a bit later. Just think of it as our holiday gift to you, AniFam!

We Need Your Help!

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