Chatty AF 118: SARAZANMAI Retrospective

By: Anime Feminist June 21, 20200 Comments

Vrai, Chiaki, and Dee take a look back at yet another difficult-to-succinctly-summarize TV anime by Ikuhara, SARAZANMAI! You know the deal (or maybe you don’t yet): messy teens, queer themes, and lots of symbolism about societal oppression.

Episode Information

Date Recorded: February 9th, 2020
Hosts: Vrai, Chiaki, Dee

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:03 Background, Ikuhara, and related media
0:07:45 Accessibility
0:11:48 Kazuki’s crossdressing
0:13:26 Family values
0:22:01 Archetypes or cliches?
0:26:45 Fightin’ about Enta
0:31:20 Reo, Mabu, and ACAB
0:35:57 The big idea
0:42:46 Soccer practice
0:55:39 Final thoughts
0:56:36 Outro

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