Chatty AF 117: Shonen JUMP Manga

By: Anime Feminist June 7, 20200 Comments

Peter, Chiaki, and Faye discuss the many manga on the Shonen Jump app that haven’t yet received anime adaptations!

Episode Information

Date Recorded: April 12th, 2020
Hosts: Peter, Chiaki, Faye

Episode Breakdown

0:02:02 Act-Age
0:09:47 Agravity Boys
0:15:03 Chainsaw Man
0:20:14 Guardian of the Witch
0:24:20 Jujutsu Kaisen
0:30:19 Mashle: Magic & Muscles
0:34:23 Mission: Yozakura Family
0:39:12 Miitama Security: Spirit Busters
0:44:08 Spy X Family
0:50:16 Undead Unluck
0:53:32 Samurai 8
0:59:11 Tokyo Shinobi Squad
1:01:44 Zipman!!
1:06:34 Recommendations
1:10:39 Outro

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