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  • Shoujo Manga’s Lost Generation

    The 1950s and 1960s were a time of incredible change, when a generation of young women emerged to forge many of the conventions and visual language we associate with shoujo manga. That makes it all the more tragic that this period has fallen into obscurity, as time and circumstances threaten to erase it.

  • How Everyone’s Getting Married tries to have it all

    In the realm of josei manga, Everyone’s Getting Married tries to “have it all” by combining the drama of a romance novel with some surprisingly modern and feminist takes on its heroine’s life choices and the modern Japanese workplace to create something entirely new.

  • The Josei Renaissance

    Over the past few years, josei manga has had a renaissance in the West as readers rediscover older titles and publishers release new ones. It’s a glorious turn of events for josei fans like myself and others, but it also begs a few questions. Namely, why is this happening now and not sooner?