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  • The Day I Became a God and the mistreatment of disabled people

    The Day I Became a God, while not featuring representation of a specific, real-world disability, features a lot of insidious ableism in its last few episodes. This final arc of the show perpetuates a lot of harmful ideas around how those who are disabled should be treated, and the agency that they often do not have, serving as a painfully apt example of the clichés and stereotypes narratives about disability often fall into.

  • 2020 Fall Three-Episode Check-In

    There’s too darn many anime this season. Some of them are even really good! The team did their best, resulting in our longest check-in post ever.

  • The Day I Became a God – Episode 1

    When the writing is willing to shut up and breathe, it unearths a kind of camaraderie in the face of despair that I have no doubt it plans to return to. Unfortunately, those two minutes are preceded by 20 minutes of noise.