Site Update: New Shoujo-Inspired Merchandise at the AniFem Store!

By: Anime Feminist May 31, 20230 Comments
Meowth in Rose of Versailles cosplay

Back in 2021 we officially opened our merch store, which offers our Trans Magical Warrior designs by Nico Neeks and our fantastic site logo by Katy Castillo. The enthusiastic embrace of these artists and the site warmed us to the bottom of our hearts—which is why we’re so excited to introduce you to our latest collaborator!

Starting today, May 31, our “Watch More Shoujo” designs are officially on our storefront, brought to life by the wonderful Mouna T. It has two versions: “Romance” and “Revolution,” to honor two very different but equally wonderful aspects of shoujo. Check out our page and let us know what you think!

The Designs

Pink design with two androgynous chibis gazing at each other and watch more shoujo in pink bubble letters

Where would manga be without the bubbles, ribbons, and sparkles that helped give shoujo love stories such flair? The two lovestruck figures are also deliberately androgynous, to honor the fact that both yuri and BL have their roots in classic shoujo manga.  

a rapier wrapped in a rose vine with watch more shoujo in purple font and a crown overhead

It’s no secret that the staff of AniFem loves Revolutionary Girl Utena, but swords and roses trace all the way back to 1953’s Princess Knight. But more than that, it’s a way to honor how often shoujo has been on the cutting edge of grappling with progressive issues. It might not always do it well, and sometimes its attempts age poorly, but shoujo has always been a place where readers can explore questions about sexuality and gender identity, assault and autonomy, and women’s inner lives.

About the Artist

Mouna T. (she/her) is a queer Black comic artist who loves drawing shoujo, queer things, and autobiographical comics. You can buy her comics at her Zine Store, tip her on Ko-Fi, or find her on Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook

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