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While this is unfortunately not an exhaustive list for the cities currently suffering without power, we’ve tried to round up general tips to stay warm as well as several mutual aid and resources posts. If you know of resources available in cities not listed here, please add them in the comments.

Portland police officers ‘guarding’ Fred Meyer dumpsters as residents seek discarded food (Oregon Live, Jayati Ramakrishnan and Beth Nakamura)

Police spent several hours guarding a dumpster of discarded food, alleging it was unsafe for consumption, before eventually departing.

The run-in also came as the region reeled from a winter storm that brought on widespread power outages that left many people unable to salvage perishable items in their refrigerators.

“The people who were there weren’t there for selfish reasons — they were there to get food to distribute to hungry people around the city,” Simonis said. “There are mutual aid groups that have been helping feed people at warming centers, because the city doesn’t have enough resources to feed them.”

Multnomah County kept emergency severe weather shelters open Monday, taking to social media to ask for volunteers to keep the doors open an additional night. More than 300,000 people and businesseslost power over the weekend, with nearly all of the area’s hotels filling up as people tried to escape the cold.

Mckniff said many of the people police threatened with arrest and turned away are regular customers of the store.

“I live in this neighborhood. This neighborhood doesn’t have power,” Mckniff said. “And Fred Meyer is telling people in this immediate community who shop here that they can’t have these things they’re throwing away. Cheese, pickles, yogurt — things that are intentionally cultured and cured.”

How to help and get help in Texas as the winter storm causes power outages (The Texas Tribune, Megan Menchaca)

A list of resources and ways to help Texans without power, organized by city.

Millions of Texans lost power, water or essential services during a winter storm that led to freezing temperatures and hazardous road conditions throughout the state.

City officials, local outreach teams and other organizations are providing warming shelters and support for people seeking help. Many nonprofit organizations are also asking for donations so they can help people experiencing homelessness or those who are in need of support.

Here’s a list of the resources being offered if you need help. We’ve organized it by location. If you want to skip to just how to help, go here.

TWEET: Advice (naming Texas but widely applicable) to turn off billing autopay if affected by power loss in light of reports of astronomically high billing charges.

TWEET: Resources for Oregonians with power loss.

THREAD: Texas Mutual Aid Funds.

THREAD: Tips for disabled folks navigating extreme snow/ice conditions for the first time.

TWEET: Info on the Disabled Disaster Relief Hotline.

THREAD: Tips on how to insulate and trap heat in a home without power.

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