Chatty AF 98: Neon Genesis Evangelion Watchalong – Episodes 1-6

By: Anime Feminist September 15, 20190 Comments

Part 1 of our multi-part watchalong of the anime classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion! Vrai, Dee, and special guests Isaac Akers and Lizzie Visitante talk first impressions, the show’s legacy, and how people really need to cut Shinji some dang slack.

Episode Information

Date Recorded: Saturday 10th August 2019
Hosts: Vrai, Dee
Guests: Lizzie, Isaac

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros
0:02:10 Ground rules
0:03:14 An abridged production history
0:05:03 That thing we said we wouldn’t do (the Netflix dub)
0:08:09 Backgrounds with Evangelion
0:17:13 First reactions
0:18:23 Distance and connections
0:20:50 Toxic masculinity
0:22:55 Where’s Shinji supposed to go?
0:24:19 Misato
0:32:36 The first Angel fight
0:35:31 Toji and Kensuke
0:38:31 Rei and Gendo’s very bad no good relationship
0:41:13 Eva’s trope reversals
0:43:55 Shinji
0:47:36 Super robot tropes
0:51:28 Misato’s apartment
0:53:00 Predictions
0:54:14 Outro

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