Chatty AF 101: Neon Genesis Evangelion Watchalong – Episodes 7-13

By: Anime Feminist October 27, 20190 Comments

Our multi-part watchalong of Neon Genesis Evangelion continues! Vrai, Dee, and special guests Isaac and Lizzie discuss gender roles, sex and sexuality, and overall have a pretty good time with this “monster-of-the-week” stretch of episodes. But why does Vrai keep chortling in the background…?

Episode Information

Date Recorded: Saturday 24th August 2019
Hosts: Vrai, Dee
Guests: Lizzie, Isaac

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:52 Financial woes
0:04:38 Shinji and not Shinji stuff
0:11:17 Worldbuilding
0:17:46 Kaji still sucks
0:19:05 “Women literally only want one thing and it’s disgusting”
0:19:43 Shinji and Asuka struggle with gender roles
0:27:29 Misato and Ritsuko
0:32:03 Sexuality, nudity, and framing
0:37:54 Monster of the week
0:41:23 More Netflix translation problems
0:47:52 Predictions
0:51:55 Unsolicited fast food opinions
0:53:02 Final thoughts
0:55:35 Outro

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