Chatty AF 100: Jupiter Ascending Retrospective

By: Anime Feminist October 13, 20190 Comments

Our 100th episode special, featuring all of our regular hosts—Dee, Caitlin, Chiaki, Peter, and Vrai—looking back on the 2015 shoujo anime epic, Jupiter Ascending!

Episode Information

Date Recorded: Sunday 22nd September 2019
Hosts: Caitlin, Chiaki, Dee, Peter, Vrai

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:55 Background
0:03:45 Summary 
0:04:52 Personal histories
0:13:01 Anti-capitalist themes vs genetic predeterminism 
0:16:28 Channing Tatum is hot
0:18:39 Is it an isekai?
0:21:12 Mila Kunis
0:24:44 Bureaucracy planet
0:25:43 Jupiter’s agency
0:34:56 Matrix redux
0:40:21 Audio mixing
0:43:33 Why’d it flop?
0:49:48 Final thoughts
0:56:34 Outro

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