Siege on Gaza and Free Palestine Resources and Actions

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Palestinian Flag (green, white, and black flags with a red triangle on the left side)

This last week has seen a dark turn in the continued occupation of Gaza. After over 55 years of occupation and a 16 year long blockade of food and water, on October 7th Hamas retook control of several Israeli settlements using bombs and ground troops and killed over 1300 Israelis, most of them civilians. This led to a reaction from the Israeli government to indiscriminately bomb much of Gaza, killing as of October 14th more than 2200 Palestinian civilians, many of whom are children (as the median age in Gaza is 18). Israel has also cut off the electricity, food, and water supplies from Gaza and has additionally used chemical weapons such as white phosphorus in the bombings, both of which are considered war crimes under International Law. After this, Israel has ordered the 1.1 million residents of the northern sections of Gaza to “evacuate” south, allegedly to avoid being caught in a ground invasion, in what has been described by many groups as a “second Nakba” or ethnic cleansing.

Anime Feminist stands unequivocally with Palestinians in their right to safety, full citizenship, self-determination, and to return home to a country without apartheid. With much of AniFem being based in America, we join the calls to the US government to stop funding Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, and to facilitate talks towards an immediate cease-fire. We also stand with calls for an immediate end the the occupation and blockade of Gaza, which has historically trapped Palestinians in an open-air prison without a path to escape, the basic necessities of life, or full citizenship. We see the work of liberation for Palestine as deeply connected to the larger struggles against settler colonialism, racism, and our work as intersectional feminists. We stand with those grieving the loss of children and loved ones, both Israelis and Palestinians, and against the murder of civilians.

We have also seen how difficult it can be to find both accurate information on the war in Gaza and ways we can support Palestinians in their work towards liberation, given the post-9/11-like climate around this event. With that in mind, we have compiled both some basic resources to help readers learn about the situation in Gaza and the history of Palestine, organizations they can support, and possible action steps they can take.

The situation continues to develop; because humanitarian workers are currently being barred from entry into Gaza, we have chosen to list charities whose work also focuses on creating support and infrastructure for survivors outside of the crisis zone.

Introductory Resources

Jewish Currents: The Hamas Attacks and Israeli Response: An Explainer

Jewish Currents provides a strong, regularly updated overview of the current situation. Their other coverage of the occupation is quite strong.

B’tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

A Jerusalem-based organization that researches and catalogues the human rights abuses taking place in Gaza and the West Bank perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, and advocates for Palestinian human rights.

Amnesty International – Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians

An extensive explanation of how Israel’s current occupation of Gaza, history of destroying Palestinian neighborhoods, and deprival of citizenship and human rights for Palestinians constitutes apartheid.

Getting Deeper Into the Theory and History

Free Ebooks from Haymarket Books

Haymarket books is making three key books on the history of Palestinian liberation work, Light in Gaza, BDS, and Palestine: A Socialist Introduction, available for free download!

On the Nose (The Jewish Currents Podcast)

On the Nose has several instructive episodes on the history of Israel/Palestine, including ones on how the current Democratic movement in Israel marginalizes Palestinians and recuperates democratic language for apartheid, how Holocaust memory is weaponized to silence Palestinians and antizionist Jews in Germany, and on the IDF’s murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Jasbir Puar’s Work

Jasbir Puar theorizes Israel’s self-construction as a “liberal democracy” and how it makes such language compatible with apartheid and occupation in her works, with Terrorist Assemblages investigating homonationalism in Israel’s self identity and The Right to Maim discussing Israel’s “shoot to cripple” policy. Her episode Body Politics on Death Panel is a remarkable introduction to her work.

Actions You Can Take

Attend an Action by Jewish Voice for Peace or If Not Now

Jewish Voice For Peace and If Not Now are a Jewish American advocacy groups that pushes for Jewish solidarity with Palestinian liberation movements. They are currently organizing actions across the country to call for a cease-fire and an immediate end to the occupation of Gaza and US aid to Israel’s invasion. These include both in person protests as well as phone zaps.

Attend an Action by or Donate to Palestinian Youth Movement

Palestinian Youth Movement is a trans-national organization of young Palestinians both in Palestine and in diaspora which “brings together Palestinian youth from all over the U.S and Canada. with diverse views and various political, cultural and social backgrounds in a collective process of decision making, leadership building, and action.” They are helping organize actions across the country.

Donate to Palestine Legal

Palestine Legal does important work to protect the rights of those in the USA who speak up for Palestine, whose voices are frequently silenced in violation of the first amendment.

Donate to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

PCRF has been active since 1991 and focuses on providing medical aid and resources to children in the Levant.

Donate to Anera

Founded in 1967 to help Palestinians left devastated in the wake of the Arab-Israeli War, which began with the Nakba. Anera focuses on supporting refugees in Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan.

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