Black Creators and Journalists in Anime/Manga Fandom

By: Anime Feminist February 20, 20230 Comments
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A few years ago we put out a holiday gift guide with some of our favorite indie storefronts, including a big list of Black-owned kawaii and goth/punk brands. This time around we’re spotlighting Black writers, artists, and media outlets that cover or create art inspired by Japanese pop culture. They’re all making wonderful work — give them a look!

Know a great creator we missed? Tell us in the comments!

The Anime Tea

Video essays on current anime and broader trends.

The Artisan Geek

YouTuber and influencer who covers books and manga.

Baye McNeil

Author and columnist living in and writing about Japan.

Black Anime Podcasts

A site that aggregates podcasts by Black creators.

Black Nerd Problems

A general pop culture blog that also covers anime and manga.

Blerdy Otome

Reviews and reporting about visual novels and manga.

Girls Gotta Game

Community and tournament organizer for women’s esports

Jacque Aye

Creator of Adorned by Chi and author of The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life and the upcoming novel How to Be a Better Adult

Noir Caesar Entertainment

Publishes manga-style comics by Black artists.


An alien idol who specializes in “dystopian pop.”

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