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While the recent executive order protects abortion access in the short term, it lacks the solidity and safety of a law that would protect reproductive rights; as such, we want to continue to highlight grassroots health care initiatives for those in need of abortive care as well as protest information.

Poor women of color will bear brunt of abortion bans following Roe reversal: Expert (ABC News, Rachel Scott, Tenzin Shakya, and Amanda Su)

Director of Women with a Vision Deon Haywood explains several reasons that women of color living below the poverty line are especially vulnerable following the abortion ban.

Forty-nine percent of abortion patients have an income below the poverty line, according to the Guttmacher Institute. And in Louisiana, where Haywood lives, the maternal mortality rate is one of the worst in the nation, especially among Black women. The state has since shuttered its abortion clinics, though a Louisiana judge temporarily blocked enforcement of the state’s “trigger” abortion ban Monday.

“For the Black women I work with who already fear entering the health care system, this just exacerbates that even more,” Haywood said. “The idea that somebody in the state that doesn’t care what we say about Louisiana, in the state that doesn’t care about people, that people will have to carry a child to term when they’re already living in substandard housing, when their children are not getting the best education, when they can barely see their families.”

2021-2022 UnRestrict Minnesota Reproductive Justice Legislative Agenda

Outline and definitions of the goals UnRestrict is pursuing to protect reproductive health in Minnesota; this includes both proposed bills being authored and wider programs the group hopes to enact. The group also has a page of resources more broadly aimed at those living in the Midwest.

VIDEO: Activist discussion on forward steps post-ban, specifically framed around Louisiana; key speakers from Women with a Vision—find more information about decriminalizing sex work and low-cost or free access to abortion care for those in need at their website.

TWEET: Links to the grassroots aid websites National Network of Abortion Funds and I Need an A.

THREAD: Brief primer on what abortion funds are and how they work.

THREAD: Book recommendations discussing intersections of reproduction, race, and gender.

THREAD: Articles from the Digital Defense Fund, focused on digital security resources, education, and services in abortion access.

THREAD: Tips on inclusive language when making protest signs.

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