Chatty AF 121: Glass Mask Watchalong – Episodes 6-11

By: Anime Feminist August 2, 20200 Comments

Part two of our watchalong of the 1984 classic, Glass Mask! Vrai, Megan, and Marion talk about stage moms, scene stealing (in-universe and out), and why this ’80s shoujo seems unusually subdued about its roses and sparkles.

Episode Information

Date Recorded: April 18th, 2020
Host: Vrai
Guests: Megan D, Marion Bea

Episode Breakdown

0:00:00 Intros
0:01:10 What is time?
0:03:43 Sports acting anime
0:05:55 Poverty and method acting
0:12:51 Stage moms
0:15:06 Scene stealers
0:20:26 Yuri subtext
0:22:17 The duality of mans
0:27:35 The Crimson Goddess and the nature of theater
0:33:54 Real moms
0:36:18 Theater life
0:40:28 Sound and emotion
0:43:15 Predictions
0:52:59 Outro

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