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  • Roundtable: Age-gap relationships in fiction

    During the Chatty AF Fushigi Yugi watchalong, Caitlin, Dee, and Vrai would frequently chat privately about the show. While watching the OVAs, the conversation turned to the relationship between a pair of supporting characters, which in turn developed into a spontaneous discussion about age-gap romances in fiction. As the subject is a complicated one (and particularly topical given recent anime), the team thought it worthwhile to expand it into a roundtable and publish it for the site.

  • Roundtable: Trash characters

    What makes a trash character? What’s the connection between trash characters and other anime archetypes, like moe or chuunibyou? How are male and female trash characters portrayed differently?

  • Roundtable: Shin Godzilla

    Molly Brenan, Peter Fobian, Syra Jenkins, and Frog-kun have a roundtable discussion this week after watching Shin Godzilla. Read on for insights on the representation of female characters, politics in Japan and the US, the allegory of Godzilla, and comparisons to Evangelion.