What’s on your josei wishlist?

By: Anime Feminist May 1, 201720 Comments

Last week we looked at the English language renaissance of josei manga. On Twitter, some commenters reminded us that increased availability in English doesn’t necessarily mean increased availability in other European languages – an excellent point. As a result, this week we thought we’d ask about your josei manga and anime wishlists.

  • If you live in a country with more limited manga availability, what licensed josei manga do you wish would go on sale where you live?
  • Which josei manga do you wish would get an anime, live action and/or movie adaptation?
  • What types of characters, stories, or settings do you wish you could see in a josei manga?
  • What unlicensed manga do you wish would get picked up in the west? (As per our comments policy, please do not link to scanlation sites)
  • What story from your country’s history or pop culture do you wish you could see as a josei adaptation?

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Comments are open! Please read our comments policy before joining the conversation and contact us if you have any problems.

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