What series explore or challenge gender roles in positive ways?

By: Anime Feminist May 14, 20180 Comments
A girl dressed in prince's clothing kneels down with an unconscious boy in a school uniform in her arms. Subtitles read: "I will carry you like a princess."

DARLING in the FRANXX has rocketed from “extremely heteronormative and male-centered mecha series” to “paranoid biotruther persecution complex“—but not all anime has been so disastrous at exploring gender and sexuality.

Whether it’s comedies with masculine girls and feminine boys, shows about how liking cute mascots doesn’t make you less of a man, or explorations of queerness and gender identity, there’s plenty to celebrate as well as critique. So let’s help out the people disappointed and betrayed by FRANXX with some recommendations.

  • What’s your favorite series that explores gender roles?
  • Do you have a preference for comedies or dramas on the subject?
  • What great manga about gender would you recommend or like to see adapted into an anime?
  • What issues would you still like to see addressed or handled better?

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