2022 Pride Month Resources

By: Anime Feminist June 20, 20220 Comments
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For Those Seeking or in Flight: Black Trans*feminist Nihilism (Red Voice, g)

A work of theory attempting to take Afro-pessimism and articulate an alternative that acknowledges and embraces Black trans voices, particularly women and femmes.

Trans Legal Defense and Education Fund (link.tree)

Collection of links put together by the nonprofit that includes resources for trans folks seeking legal aid, updates on major court cases, and calls to action.

Documenting Resistance (GoFundMe)

The Louisiana Trans Oral History Project is raising funds to pay on-the-ground reporters documenting the legal proceedings around anti-trans legislation in Louisiana.

MPJI Resource List (The Marsha P Johnson Institute)

An interactive map that lists US trans resources by state; currently incomplete but will be regularly updated to encompass more states.

Black Trans Travel Fund (link.tree)

Link collection of articles and donation options for an organization that provides transportation funds for Black trans women.

THREAD: Ongoing project recording interviews with queer elders.

TWEET: Study calling for responses from LGBTQ+ farmers.

TWEET: Paid survey opportunity for Black trans women to help improve the Trans Women of Color Collective app.

TWEET: Applications for grants from Black Trans Fund.

TWEET: Donation info for the eKy mutual aid fund; this is one of several regional/community mutual aid funds, and individual donations can go especially far when aiding these smaller organizations.

TWEET: Transition fundraiser for Kitan, who provides many of the informative articles on gendered language in Japanese you may have seen in our links posts.

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