Weekly Round-Up, 28 October – 3 November 2020: This One’s All Cute Animals

By: Anime Feminist November 3, 20200 Comments
Meowth pointing dramatically toward a light shining down, one arm around a Ditto.

AniFem Round-Up

Rise of the Villainess: How the reborn bad girls of otome games are defying shoujo stereotypes

Kyle T. explores the recent phenomenon of the villainess isekai subgenre and the logic behind its popularity.

2020 Fall Three-Episode Check-In

The team hits more titles than ever before on this one.

What’s your favorite josei series?

It’s been a few years since last we asked, after all.

Beyond AniFem

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably extremely anxious today. So we decided to hold off on news stories for a week and just offer some healing cute animal content. We’ll get back to it next week. Stay safe (and feel free to post pics of your pets in the comments).

VIDEO: Ito Junji reacting to cat pictures.

VIDEO: Brian David Gilbert calculates pet HP.

VIDEO: Kittisaurus’ Claire adopts some new cats.

THREAD: Pictures of mixed-breed corgis.

THREAD: Manuscript from a 9th-century emperor praising his cat.

THREAD: Big cats playing with pumpkins.

TWEET: A cat fighting their owner’s hand using karate.

TWEET: A kitten on the dinner table.

TWEET: Cat opens meow parlor.

TWEET: A dog plays in some leaves.

TWEET: Frog and person in cute frog hats.

Beyond AniFem

Take a breather, some water, and these reading recommendations.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. It's probably the only josei I have on my favourite anime list (but not my favourite manga series, which currently also has Genbu Kaiden - which apparently partially ran in a josei magazine despite starting out shoujo - Clamp's Clover manga and the one josei Hypnosis Mic manga, which is the one based around Fling Posse and Matenrou). I have yet to read the manga, but I shelled out for my first Humble Bundle for it so I am getting to it eventually. SGRS is special because it not only looks at a dying artform, but also manages to make itself a more-than-competent human drama, spanning multiple generations without being overly stretched out.  I don't think I have a favourite josei artist due to lack of exposure to the demographic, though I'd like to read more if I could access it legally. (It being in Japanese is not an obstacle, because I've studied enough Japanese to read any raw manga with a dictionary at hand - it's just that josei doesn't get a lot of published stuff on the English side, or a lot of exposure full stop, so mostly I just don't know it exists or I mistake shoujo for josei or vice versa).

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