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  • Kase-san and Queer Thirst: Depicting sexuality in a “pure” yuri manga

    “Purity” is most commonly used as a shorthand for chastity or sexlessness, and generally refers to stories that don’t engage with sex at all. Though Yamada’s sincerity and innocence is part of Kase-san‘s appeal, the way it engages with the girls’ sexuality is just as important. Sex does exist in Kase-san, and while the series focuses primarily on Kase and Yamada’s emotional relationship, it also explores their physical relationship and sexual attraction to each other from the very first chapter.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Yuri Manga

    The last few years have seen a boom in the English-language yuri market, with more and more manga about queer romance between women making it to shelves. But with all these choices, where does a curious reader start?

  • Growing into Love: How Kase-san models a healthy queer relationship

    It can be hard to find manga that shows both the struggles and joys of the awkward period of teen romance, especially if you’re not straight. That’s exactly why the Kase-san and…  manga series is a breath of fresh air, a slice-of-life comedy that models what a healthy, queer romantic relationship can look like.