Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth – Episode 1

By: Caitlin Moore October 12, 20190 Comments

What’s it about? Rei is a rookie in the Drug Investigation Unit, but is now on involuntary leave after her mistake jeopardized a major bust. It doesn’t seem to make any sense that she’d be chosen to pick out potential members for STAND, the new unit being formed to investigate drug-related crimes. But, even though she may not have the best instincts, she is special in one way: she’s immune to the effects of most drugs. 



Rei and a man peer around the corner of a building. Subtitles read "I got distracted by something else."

Sorry, lost my composure there for a second. This season has been trying for me. I feel like I’ve been force-fed steamed potatoes covered in mayonnaise for the last week and a half, and Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth is the latest mushy, fat-slathered tuber that I’m trying to stomach.

As you may have guessed from my howls of rage, Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth is based on a mobile gacha otome game. To be honest, I didn’t immediately know that going in, but I figured it out right quick.

Our heroine, Rei, is the latest undercooked Potato-chan in this season’s constant parade, with next to no personality of her own. Like so many otome heroines, things just kind of happen around her and she deals with them as they come.

Rei faces a white-haired man in a windowed hallway.

Some of the boys assure her that she has potential to be a good cop, but I don’t see it. She doesn’t really do anything for most of the episode and her instincts are terrible. Even her “talent” that’s supposed to make her a good choice is passive, because I guess if someone tries to dose her with drugs, she’ll be okay? Is that a consideration in law enforcement? It couldn’t be an actual skill?

Honestly, an immunity to most drugs seems like more of a pain in the ass than not. Does it somehow distinguish between illegal drugs or legal drugs? What if she needs to take a painkiller for a toothache or cramps? What if she just wants to get high and chill out?

But in these cases, the heroine is almost never the main draw. Let’s hear it for the boy! Or boys? I’m not really sure. The episode parades a bunch of dudes past us, flashing their names on the screen for a second, but they mostly look like the same guy wearing a bunch of different wigs. Were they affected by a drug that gives them all a terrible case of sameface? Is that why they’re starting a new drug investigation unit, when they apparently already have one? 

A group of young men sit around a table with Rei. Subtitles read "Pretty intense, right?"
Identical quintuplets

The only one I remember literally anything about is Sosei, and I still had to look up his name. He’s the silver-haired one of the group and a “lone wolf,” a.k.a. A Total Butthole.

He’s needlessly rude and brusque to Rei, which feels especially jarring because everyone else adores her so much. There’s no such thing as cold professionalism in this universe, I suppose. Unfortunately, since he has the most distinct personality and gives her useful, if cruel advice, he’s probably going to be the main love interest.

That advice, of course, is the stunningly obvious, “Don’t wear heels if you might have to chase down a dude.” Thanks, bro! Considering how women in multiple countries are fighting for the right to not wear heels on the job, I’m sure Rei never considered that, and has never felt obligated to wear them because of gendered expectations. 

Rei looks down at her bare feet. Subtitles read "My feet that had lost their heels looked so mismatched with my one piece dress."

In the ‘70s and ‘80s in the US, there were laws against a TV show being a glorified toy commercial. Maybe it’s time to bring that rule to anime, because I’m tired of spending my time being sold a product I don’t want.

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