Resources to Combat Anti-Asian Violence

By: Anime Feminist March 22, 20210 Comments
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In light of the murder of eight people (six of whom were Asian women) at an Atlanta, GA spa this past weekend, this month’s resource post is dedicated to information and fundraisers focusing on giving aid to members of the Asian American community.

Asian Mental Health Collective

Resources and events for members of the Asian diaspora seeking mental health support.

Bystander Intervention Training to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment

Free workshops and resources on how to actively prevent harassment.

Asian Americans Film Series (PBS)

A series of five films exploring the history of the Asian American community.

61 Ways to Donate in Support of Asian Communities (The New Yorker)

A round-up of organizations taking donations, organized by goal and type.

26 AAPI Addiction and Mental Health Resources (Detox Local)

Resources for members of the AAPI community battling addiction and/or mental health struggles.

THREAD: A basic guide to name pronunciation.

THREAD: On the butchering of Asian names, both of the recent victims and as a larger trend.

THREAD: Documentaries and other beginner historical texts about anti-Asian racism.

THREAD: A list of fundraisers directly related to the victims of the Atlanta murders and their surviving family members.

Editor’s Note (4/26/2021): This article was edited after publication to add the Detox Local resources link.

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