Resources and Fundraisers: July 2020

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We received an overwhelmingly positive response about keeping on the resource posts, so consider this a permanent monthly feature. Feel free to keep giving feedback about what you’d like to see from them.

Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives

12 games for pay-what-you-want (minimum $10). Proceeds will be donated to The Okra Project.

UPDATE 3/12/21: Former staffers have raised concerns that The Okra Project is no longer run by and in the interest of Black trans people.

GUEST: Abolishing Carceral Embodiments of Facial Recognition (Nazar, Vanessa Taylor)

Reading on the likelihood that facial recognition software, particularly in the hands of police, would be used for racial profiling.

1,300 Protesters Still Face Fines And Jail Time For Violating De Blasio’s Curfew (Gothamist, Gwynne Hogan and Sydney Pereira)

Fines could be up to $500 in addition to the jail time and violent arrest.

TWEET: Short video on the negative effects of police presence in schools.

TWEET: Short interview with a protester in DC.


Note: These are personal fundraising efforts and thus lack the verification measures put in place by larger groups or companies; still, we wished to include them, as trans folks in particular face a hard road getting support for care costs in more traditional venues.

Zayvion’s Top Surgery

Help an Afro-Latina Trans Woman in RI ♡

keep a black trans person housed & healthy

Housing Fund For Chris


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