Resources and Fundraisers: December 2020

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Cyberpunk by Asian Creators Game Jam (

A call for analogue games running from December to January. Rules are at the source.

Western cyberpunk media borrows heavily from Asian visuals and fetishizes Asian culture, without the involvement of actual Asians. This game jam is for Asian creators who want to make our own cyberpunk games.

Be A Better Cyberpunk (

A collection of 26 cyberpunk games by marginalized creators.

What is this? A bundle of over $100 worth of cyberpunk games, music, zines, and other things from LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and independent creators.

How much does it cost? $60, or one AAA Cyberpunk (if you are economically or otherwise marginalized, there is a sister bundle for $10)

When will it run? December 10-24

In a Pandemic, Why are Cities Still Making it Hard for People to Get Utilities? (Jurist, Azadeh Shahshahani)

Report on basic utilities being denied in particular to immigrants in southern US states.

Last month, human rights advocates reversed discriminatory policies in LaGrange, Georgia, which for years prevented Black and immigrant Latinx people from accessing utility services. Civil rights organizations filed the lawsuit against the city of LaGrange in May 2017, alleging that the city’s discriminatory utility policies violate the Fair Housing Act.

The city of LaGrange — which is the sole provider of electricity, gas, and water utility services for its residents — conditioned access on compliance with two policies. The first restricted access to essential utilities like water and electricity withburdensome identification requirements, which effectively excluded undocumented immigrants. The second policy required residents to pay any debts owed to the city — including unrelated fees like parking ticket fines — in order to access and maintain utility services. These policies, which denied access to water, light, and heat critical to habitable housing, are human rights violations that threaten the security, health, and equal treatment of residents.

As public health officials were urging people to stay at home, LaGrange continued to deny its residents access to needed utilities.

The Case For Vaccinating Prisoners Early (The Huffington Post, Melissa Jeltsen)

The incarcerated are at much higher risk for COVID due to multiple factors, which has allowed for rampant spread of the virus.

What would you say to those who object to people in prison getting the vaccine before the general public?

The humanitarian reason is that people who committed crimes should not be punished twice. You are sent to prison as punishment, not for punishment. The sentence that was prescribed was being locked up in a cell. It was not to be locked up in a cell and then let’s do what we can to help you die. That’s the humanitarian and legal answer.

Beyond that, the reason why the public should be supportive of vaccinations in the jails and prisons is that infection spreads more easily there and it will spread into the community. We’ve seen that happen in places like Chicago, where we know that because of infections in the jail, there were more infections in the community. [Editor’s note: One study found that nearly 16% of Illinois COVID-19 cases were linked to spread from a Chicago jail.]

TWEET: First of a four-part series on alternatives to policing in the US.

THREAD: Links to 30 abolitionist essays.

TWEET: Link to the new website for Trans Freedom Can’t Wait.

TWEET: Announcement of support space for Black TGNC folks on 12/27.

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