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Palestinian Flag (green, white, and black flags with a red triangle on the left side)

Please note that in addition to the contextual readings and fundraising sources below, activists have noted that keeping news of the attacks visible on social media is an important form of aid, particularly in the wake of Israel’s bombing of Al-Jazeera and AP news buildings in Gaza.


Decolonize Palestine

An FAQ organized by two Palestinians living in Ramallah, covering many basic questions about Israel’s colonization of Palestine.

Teshuvah: A Jewish Case for Palestinian Refugee Return (Jewish Currents, Peter Beinart)

Beinart is a journalist, political science professor, and editor of Jewish Currents; in 2019 he penned an article decoupling the idea that anti-Zionism is inherently antisemitic.

Why Young Jews Are Detouring From Israel to Palestine (Yes!, Lornet Turnbull)

2019 article about IfNotNow, an organization of Jewish Americans dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)

A grassroots organization focused on putting financial pressure on Israel as a form of nonviolent protest; we include this not to ignore the reality that decolonization is, inevitably, a violent event, but to offer an inroad of support as members of the international community.

THREAD: A documentary film on the history of Gaza’s occupation.

THREAD: A free upcoming film festival featuring Palestinian filmmakers, with interviews and contextual readings to be included.

Aid Organizations

Doctors Without Borders

DWB is on the ground helping victims of Israeli police violence in Jerusalem as well as those injured in Gaza; aid to on the ground medical organizations is increasingly important as Israeli air strikes continue to target health care facilities.

UPA (United Palestinian Appeal)

In addition to medical services, UPA is currently raising funds to provide emergency supplies as part of their Ongoing Nakba Campaign.

Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund

Focused on providing medical aid to children, their current donation page has both a general organization form as well as peer-to-peer donations.

MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians)

An advocacy and medical relief service focusing on offering care particularly to women and children.


A non-profit that focuses on both emergency relief and support structures like the Gaza Blood Bank.

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