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  • Roundtable: Shin Godzilla

    Molly Brenan, Peter Fobian, Syra Jenkins, and Frog-kun have a roundtable discussion this week after watching Shin Godzilla. Read on for insights on the representation of female characters, politics in Japan and the US, the allegory of Godzilla, and comparisons to Evangelion.

  • Minami Sakai on being an independent manga artist in Japan

    We’re thrilled to start our interview series speaking to someone who is currently living the daily grind of an independent manga artist in Tokyo.

  • Why we need you to become an AniFem patron

    “AniFem is such an important initiative to me, because as a woman and fervent anime lover (and captain of the Shinji Ikari defense squad), I don’t think being a feminist and being an anime fan should be at odds.” – Molly Brenan, Publishing Associate, Kodansha USA and co-manager of AniTAY (acting in an individual capacity) […]

  • [Review] Keijo!!!!!!!! – episode 1

    Keijo is a sport where girls in bikinis stand on platforms floating in swimming pools and have to knock each other to the ground or into the water, using only their backsides or breasts. Fanservice is baked into the premise and is constant from the very start, but surprise! I don’t hate Keijo!!!!!!!!.