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  • [Links] The Shell of the Ghost

    While preparing some upcoming content on Ghost in the Shell, Peter brought to my attention this 2014 series of posts by Claire Napier on how the Major’s body is presented and considered in the many Japanese versions of the franchise.

  • [Links] 14-21 March 2017

    Some really interesting links this week on what it means to be “Other” while living in Japan, and spotlights on some quality women in anime (real and fictional).

  • [Links] Male Power Fantasies in Re:ZERO

    Recording our recent podcast on Re:ZERO made me want to share one of the earliest explicitly feminist fandom posts I read, from a writer who has since become a personal friend and an honorary member of Team AniFem (and will one day write something for us, no doubt!).

  • [Links] 8-13 March 2017

    Discussing gender roles in Japan, Re:ZERO, 90s anime trends, yuri anime, and more!

  • [Links] 1-7 March 2017

    This week: Ghost in the Shell, gender-bending, Naoko Yamada, and more!

  • [Links] Cosplaying While Black

    Earlier this week we invited you to showcase the contributions of black fans, and initial response was disheartening. It looks like our community just isn’t too aware of the work black fans and creators are doing in anime and manga fandom. To begin addressing that, let’s take a look at a 2013 post by Chaka, a.k.a. @princessology, […]

  • [Links] 22-28 February 2017

    In this week’s links: Evangelion, female AniTubers, Gabriel DropOut, and fandom diversity.

  • [Links] Revolutionary Girl Utena Round-Up

    This Throwback Thursday we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of iconic, seminal classic Revolutionary Girl Utena. There are hundreds of articles out there about Utena, so we’re showcasing those written by our own team to get the ball rolling.

  • [Links] 15-21 February 2017

    It’s been a quiet week here at AniFem, except behind the scenes – thanks to your positive feedback to our trial podcast episode, we have recorded two new episodes already! Each one is on a show that made a big impact on anime fandom, in very different ways, and both will be coming to your […]

  • [Links] 8-14 February 2017

    Happy Valentine’s Day to anyone celebrating! Anyone not celebrating (or not enjoying it), maybe this 2014 account of Frog-kun’s attempts to make Valentine’s chocolate like an anime girl will help. Worth a click for the photographic evidence alone.

  • [Links] 1-7 February 2017

    We are now four months old, the winter season is well underway, and it is time we got back into the swing of things! To keep these posts regular they will be under new management effective immediately, so you can expect them every Tuesday without fail… starting next Tuesday. To give the new owner a clean slate […]

  • [Links] 28 November – 11 December

    Two weeks’ worth of links to make up for missing last week! AniFem round-up [Roundtable] Trash characters A feminist look at “trash characters” inspired by Chitose from Girlish Number, between seven members of the AniFem team. [AniFemTalk] 21-28 November 2016 Check out the comments for discussion on Kiss Him, Not Me!, Yuri!!! on ICE, Sound! […]

  • [Links] 21-27 November 2016

    One fewer post this week while the US spent a couple of days on annual dinner celebrations, but we have five posts planned for next week to make up for it!

  • [Links] 14-20 November 2016

    Last week we exceeded $600 in Patreon pledges, reaching our second Patreon milestone in just 35 days! (week later we’re up to $676 – can you help us reach $700 this week?) As a result we are now on a posting schedule of four times per week, effective immediately.