Black Lives Matter and Protests Against Police Brutality in Japan

By: Anime Feminist June 8, 20200 Comments
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As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the United States, countries around the world have also shown solidarity. This includes Japan, where BLM protests were organized in Osaka and Kansai.

TWEET: Announcement from BLM Kansai that their June 7th march had 2,000 attendees

BLM Kansai co-organizer Ayana Wyse discussed the issue more in an op-ed for The Japan Times.

In addition, Japan has had its own protests addressing local police brutality, sparked by the beating and violent arrest of a Kurdish man who has asked to remain unnamed. Photos and reports are collected under the hashtag #0530渋谷署前抗議.

The author of the above thread then created a small visual guide to major protests and the antifa movement in Japan.

Finally, we encourage you all to take care of yourselves, recharge, and work to prevent burnout. This is, as many have said, “a movement, not a moment.”

Please see last week’s posts for resources and donation opportunities–we will include more in tomorrow’s links as well.

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