Weekly Round-Up, 27 May – 2 June, 2020: Protest Resources and Celebrating Black Creators

By: Anime Feminist June 2, 20200 Comments
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As with yesterday’s Talk post, this week’s Links round-up is slightly different. Below, we’ve listed links to AniFem articles penned by Black contributors, as well as our podcasts on Michiko & Hatchin and Learning Japanese as WOC (focused on fetishization and racism faced by Black and brown students in that space).

In addition, we’ve linked several websites staffed by Black writers in our community. Many you may recognize from previous Links posts; we hope you’ll read and support their work as you have so kindly with ours.

Finally, the end of this post includes additional ways to provide financial support to protesters and support networks for Black communities.

Black Writers on AniFem

Assad Abderemane

Aysha U. Farah

Carrie McClain

Channler Twyman

Dani M.

Devin Randall

Jacque Aye

Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell

Jervon Perkins

Latonya Pennington

Noel Rodney Jr.

Sinclair August


Michiko & Hatchin Watchalong with Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell and Lizzie Visitante

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Learning Japanese as WOC with Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell, Lizzie Visitante, and Minami


The Black Experience Japan

The Black Manga Critic

Black Nerd Problems

But Why Tho? A Geek Community

Dub Talk

Getting Animated

Jackson P. Brown


The Nerds of Color

Noir Caesar

South Sonder

Wear Your Voice

Resources and Ways to Donate

THREAD: A list of mutual aid funds that provide ongoing support for affected communities beyond the protests themselves.

THREAD: For those who cannot donate, this thread lists YouTube videos that are donating their ad revenue; please remember to watch with sound on and AdBlock paused.

THREAD: Translations of pamphlets from the Hong Kong Protests with tips on safety, supplies, and group tactics.

TWEET: A link to the Drawing While Black directory, which lists Black artists from multiple fields and how to support them.

Donate to the National Lawyers Guild

The National Lawyers Guild has chapters offering legal aid to protesters who have been arrested in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, and Seattle. To find out if there is a NLG Branch in your area, check here — they can also provide Legal Observers to attend the protest.

We Need Your Help!

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