What’s your favorite healing anime?

By: Anime Feminist March 12, 20180 Comments
The three leads from How to Keep a Mummy smiling toward the camera with their pets--an oni, a baku and a dragon

Sometimes life is tough, and all you want to watch is something gentle and soothing, like a cat video in show form. Anime has a whole genre for that—iyashikei, or “healing” shows. This season in particular has a lot of iyashikei, from Laid-Back Camp to How to Keep a Mummy. Winter’s starting to draw to a close, so let’s offer suggestions for folks looking for more gentle content.

  • Are you a fan of iyashikei as a genre, or a few specific series?
  • Does your interest in the genre depend on how you’re feeling?
  • What’s your favorite iyashikei anime?
  • What makes an iyashikei series successful to you?

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